Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun in Pictures

running from the surf

Fat-Pants Cake (from the cookbook Baby Cakes, we didn't have a round pan though lol)

My favorite baby with one of my favorite cookbooks :)

My beautiful daughter in her adorable new (fitting) swimsuit

my adorable nephew L in the swing

Natalia having a nice cuddle with Uncle Matt

Natalia all swaddled, she loves it and hates it

at the beach

Leilani and cousin G
in the sand

Sophie and a sleeping James :)

the mommies and babies

playing with PawPaw

Sunday, July 29, 2012


This morning, dad, Jeremy and Matt went up to Jacksonville to say goodbye to my brother before he headed out to Afghanistan. Sophie, the kids and I stayed home since it was a tad early for the little guys. We all love Jeff and are so proud of him. And I know prayers for my sister-in-law and her three boys would be appreciated!

We started a Shrek marathon today, but only made it halfway through the third one before everyone lost interest. Leilanis favorite Shrek movie is the thurd one, because "that's where the babies get borned" *smiles*

All the cousins were here for a little while. It's such fun watching them all together! Natalia got some auntie Shay cuddles, while Sophie cuddled cousin L and James laid on his daddy :)

Gracie, James and Natalia all had a nice play on the playmat together.

We had vegan cassoulet for dinner, yummy, filling, and best of all - cheap!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Daze

Today was a nice, relaxed day at the apartment. Leilani was pretty tired from all the go-go-going of the past few days. Not to mention all the parents were pretty exhausted from staying up waaaayyyy late playing poker and Balderdash :). We had so much fun and so many laughs.

Gracie was introduced to Cinderella today. I'm not sure how much of it she actually watched, but Sophie and I enjoyed it! We (Sophie and I) have decided that we're going to find Pocahontas since neither of us saw it during childhood and we've both always wanted to. While the babies were all napping, Leilani opened her new Twister game and she and Uncle Matt played for quite a while. I'm not sure that Leilani fully "got" the game, but she sure had fun! We then watched Tangled. Gracie got up from her nap shortly before the movie was over, and she and I had a nice dance to the music. She was grinning and trying to keep me moving for a while.

I discovered Natalia loves her cousins bassinet - she laid in there for a while, watching the teddy bear mobile. When she started getting fussy, I turned the vibration part on, and she LOVED that!

Sophie made shepherd's pie for dinner - vegan, and super delicious! Natalia got to hang with Aunt Sophie in the kitchen and discovered all Aunt Sophie's cooking secrets (now if only I could figure out how to get Natalia to tell me *grin*). Gracie thoroughly enjoyed her helping, she smooshed some of it, then stared at her fingers as if trying to figure out WHY it was on her hands. She then proceeded to eat almost all of it :).

Natalia, Gracie and James all sat around me and played with Natalia's favorite toy - a light up star stacker. The babies seemed to like when it played music, but Gracie LOVED when the music played, dancing and grinning!

We ended the kiddos day with Esther: the Girl who Became Queen...one of Leilani's favorite Veggie Tales movies :).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Going Away Party

Today, I have my first ever guest blogger!!! Say hello to my sister-in-law, Sophie!!! :)

Sophie here! This is super exciting. I have never been asked to guest blog before. *grin*
I have to say, it's so much fun having everyone staying with us. I think I may have to keep them here forever. It feels like one giant sleep over. I think Elizabeth and I might be having the most fun out of everyone though.

Today has been busy. This morning Leilani and Gracie went swimming with PawPaw and Jeremy, so we got to stay home and cuddle the little babies. Then when the big girls got home we put on Madagascar 2 and ate humus and crackers.

Next we went to Walmart to get Leilani and new swim swuit. It's super cute and one of my personal favorites, Hello Kitty. We also picked up matching yellow shirts for the girls to wear. We had to alter Natalias a little but it worked out great. She even had her denim diaper cover so they had matching shorts.

This afternoon was kind of bittersweet. It was Uncle Jeff's leaving party. We are so proud of him because he is going to fight over seas. It was nice to have all the cousins hanging out playing together. Including Cousins A and G. There was lot's of food and everyone seemed to have a good time considering it was a leaving party.

After the party started winding down we all went for a nice evening swim. Natalia looked so cute in her flower swim suit and seemed very happy floating around in her swim ring. Leilani is getting soooo good at swimming she practised swimming back and forth from Mommy to Daddy and visa versa. I feel very proud of my little neice :)

Tonight was also special because Natlia and James got to take a nice bath together and once we had them bathed and semi settled the big girls got home and took a nice bath together. Then I got the privalage of reading bible stories to them. Leilani snuggled in which is always a treat :)

Leilani was also VERY patcient while her little cousins where getting to sleep waiting for her veggietales. She watched Dave and the giant pickle and ate some yummy oatmeal.

Then the highlite of my night was getting to see baby Natalia in my babies bassinette. I loved watching my babies sleep in it and getting to see my little nephew use it, so it is very special that my neice now gets to carry on the tradition.

Okay that's enough from me for tonight. Handing back to Elizabeth.
Goodnight all!
- Sophie

Here are some pictures from today :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26th

The day started a bit early, or at least it felt early. Natalia nursed all night and Leilani woke up around 7. We all hung out for a bit, then the guys went to ihop for breakfast and Sophie, the kids and I stayed home and had smoothies, milk and bagels :). Then Leilani showed Gracie one of her favorite movies - Madagascar.

Natalia sat in her bumbo seat and we tried her in the jenny-jump-up, but she didn't seem too impressed

We used the vitamix and made smoothies, James loved it!
He also got ahold of Gracies chocolate almond milk, which he also loved, which is in evidence all over his face :)

After the guys got back, Leilani, Gracie, Matt, PawPaw and my hubby went to the pool to swim. Leilani's getting to be really good at swimming! Leilani and Gracie had semi-matching goggles :). They had a blast.

When they got back, we ran to WalMart again. Then, we made vegan oreo truffles!!! I love baking with my sister :). The kids all had fun playing together, they all love each other, and I love watching them all interact :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun in Florida

We've been having a fantastic time with our family! Yesterday, we went up to Jacksonville to spend some time with my older brother and his family before he deploys. We looked at some static aircraft - Leilani loved it. She, and cousins A and G had a blast running around the aircraft, unlike the adults, they didn't mind the heat. All the mommies stayed by the inside aircraft, a biplane in its own little building. From there, we went to get some lunch, then to Whole Foods - I got Natalia a super cute swim diaper that matches her swim suit perfectly, the best part? I can just throw it in the wash and keep reusing it! A super money saver :) We went back to the hotel so the kiddos could swim. Leilani gave us a bit of a scare, she knows NO fear. She just jumped right into the water (fortunately, in the shallow end). She kept bobbing up and down for what felt like FOREVER! Since she was in the shallow end, her feet kept hitting the bottom so she could propel herself upwards. It felt like full minutes, but it was really only seconds :). After that, there was NO stopping her. She floated on her back and was doing a fantastic doggy paddle!

Today, Sophie and I loaded her kids and mine into her van and had a fun time going to Wal-Mart (yep, we're mama's *grin*). Cousin James and Natalia got to ride in their Moby's and Leilani and cousin Gracie each sat in their own carts and we did "cart races" for a while. Then, Leilani decided it was time to ride in the same cart as Gracie. We got tons of vegan foods, it's so nice to be hanging with someone who shares my same dietary outlook! Tomorrow, we're planning on making scrambled tofu burritoes - super yummy :)

After we got back to the apartment, we fixed Leilani and Gracie some vegan grilled cheese, then Leilani, my hubby and PawPaw went down to the pool. Leilani was excited to get to use her new goggles. And today, she just jumped in and took off. Her swimming (according to what I was told, I was at the apartment with Sophie and the babies - I think Natalia's going through a growth spurt, all she's been doing is eat and sleep). Anyway, Leilani just took off and swam.

This morning, before we went to the store, Matt taught us all how to play Texas Hold 'Em. We had lots of laughs....apparently, I'm incredibly readable, but since I never know when I have a good hand, it doesn't do anyone any good *grin*.

Tomorrow promises more fun - we got Balderdash while at the store :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Florida at Last!!

After 2 days of driving...we're finally here! We had a great drive, really, we took very few stops, the girls both did fantastic, and, at the end, we got to see our family!!!

Tomorrow, we're going to go up to Jacksonville to spend some time with my older brother and his family before his deployment.

Todays blog is rather short, since it's gotten late as we've been catching up, laughing, and enjoying everything :)

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, July 21, 2012