Funny things Leilani has said or done :) Check back often for new ones!

10/17/12 - chopped her hair off because she was so over the Rapunzel hair style. And by chopped, I mean butchered. Kinda like a boy's bowl cut, tbh.

9/21/12 - Leilani fell and hit her nose. A I was comforting her, and she seemed to be doing better, I tried to draw her attention elsewhere, like to her cupcake. I told her to look at the yummy almond butter icing and that if she didn't eat it soon, it was probably going to melt. I told her "the icing is saying 'come eat us'.". She looked at me like I'd lost it, and replied "icing doesn't talk!"

9/1/12 - Leilani: daddy, go get me salt and vinegar chips
Jeremy: are you gonna give me money?
Leilani: I don't make money, you do!

8/14/12-Leilani played some Angry Birds for a while. I put the timer on and told her "when the timer beeps, then time is up and you need to stop playing." Leilani replied "I don't want time to be up, I want it to be down!"

8/10/12-Leilani declared the ants (who keep coming into the house from who knows where and for who knows what reason) are from "ant-artica"

7/17/12-feeling Natalia's head "she has hair! Now she's a baby! I mean, a baby with hair"

7/17/12-sitting at a redlight, Leilani said "mommy, look! The trees are dancing!" I said "Yes, they are" and she asked why they were, so I said maybe because they were happy to be out in the sunshine, and Leilani said "NO, it's because of the wind!" lol

Leilani’s prayer 4/22/12 Dear God,
Thank You for today and the looooovvveeelllllyyy blue sky. Thank you for my mommy and daddy. Thank you that You weren’t made ‘cuz then You couldn’t be God and save us. Thank You for horseys who only have horsey babies. Thank you for cows that have cows. Thank you for my babys and mommys and daddys (she pluralizes everything). Thank you for all the colors of the rainbow, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo –which is a light purple – and violet –which is like purple. In Your God-Sons Name I pray, Amen.

Fall/winter 2010 - “When it snows, it’s Christmas”
April 18, 2012 - How Leilani drinks sun tea: finish one cup, and with the container directly in front of you immediately fill it up again. Drain. Repeat.
Spring 2012 - Named herself “Leilani TinkerBell Ariel Cinderella Aurora”

April 2012 - Loves using big words, even if she mispronounces/uses them. “mommy, I was convincing Cataleia that we’re gonna play” “momma, I was convincing the ant that I’m chasing him”

April 8, 2012 - One night at Cubbies Tammy was having them practice singing out loudly for the parent night, so they’d be heard while singing the Cubby song. I told Leilani to sing out as loudly as she could. Boy, did she ever sing loud! She didn’t hit a single right note, but when she was singing, she was the ONLY one you could hear. It was more like bellowing. I was already exhausted, so lost all control and couldn’t stop laughing. But, she sang her little heart out 

April 14, 2012 - At the ER, she was allowed to play her video game, but kept saying she was bored. Also kept saying she was “all better now so we can go home NOW”

April 14, 2012 - Leilani (before ER visit) threw up all over her bed and asked “mama, why does the fever make me pee out of my mouth?”

March 2012 - Me to Leilani: good night, little one
Her response: good night, big one

March 2012 - this morning I spilled one of Leilani's games right before we sat down to eat, so after we ate, of her own accord, Leilani started cleaning it up! Yes, I'm bragging a bit, she's cleaning it up so "mama doesn't trip on it and get hurt"...

March 6, 2012 bedtime prayer:
Dear God, thank You for today. Thank You for the lovely sun in the sky. Thank You for Aedan and Gunnar and Gracie and James. Thank You for the lovely tea party we didn't have. I love You. Amen

Spring 2012 - Leilani: Mom, we can never put DVDs in the washer?
Leilani: yeah, you're not supposed to do that!

(About 3-4 months ago, I accidentally washed a case that had a few of her DVDs in them, funny thing is, that after going through the washer and dryer, they STILL worked)

Summer 2011- One of Leilani's horsey's was missing a tail, so her very creative "fix” was to take a fake flower, put it in the tail hole and now, waalaa, horsey has a tail!!

Fall 2011 - Leilani: mommy, I can't go to sleep, I don't have enough strength.

4/24/12 - As I was leaving Leilani’s bedroom from our goodnight routine, she suddenly bounded up saying “we forgot to hug”, came to the end of the bed – this bed has a sort of tallish footboard – and leaned over to hug me. I leaned in, then suddenly, she picked her legs up. Since I’m preggo, my balance is already off, so I started falling OVER the footboard, dropped Leilani onto the bed and barely managed to catch myself from tumbling headfirst after her.

4/26/12 – one of the fish died, so we “buried it at sea” (ie, flushed it down the toilet) Leilani solemnly carried the net with the fish in it, turned it upside down over the toilet and let the fish plop into the toilet. Then, she flushed and said “bye-bye”…except that it didn’t flush. Once again flush, and “bye-bye”. Once again, the fish just swirled around the bowl, coming to rest directly in front of Leilani. One more time – flush – and “bye-bye” and FINALLY the fish went to where ever it is fishy’s flushed down the toilet go.

4/28/12- “mommy, you can’t have the baby tomorrow. I have to go to Awana Store!”

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